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Weekend Winner

Weekend Winner

3 Days Juice + Meal Package

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Farmer Jack's Pro Tip: Add a daily bottle of bloat-busting Black Lemonade or clarifying Celery Juice to give your Cleanse an extra boost!

Your most convenient 3-day power-up, with 5 Juices per day. Expect higher energy levels and improved nutrient absorption. Power through the mid-week crunch, or cross everything off your weekend to-dos - no planning, cooking, or cleanup.

  • maintain a healthy digestive tract for optimal nutrient absorption
  • replenish nutrients for increased energy and better health
  • convenient, all-in-one package, for 3 days of stress-free, grab-and-go ease
  • recommended for weekly dietary maintenance

      No starving! You select 3 Jack's Clean Meals, with your package. A simple to follow complete guide is provided with every order, and all juices are marked in drinking order for grab-and-go ease.

      *Please note that we cannot at this time accommodate substitution or customization requests for any recipes. 

      What's in this Cleanse?

      15 Juices =

      3 x Detox Power Juice
      3 x Antioxidant Blast
      3 x Immunity Booster
      3x Liver Flush
      3 x Kidney Cleanse

      PLUS 3 Meals (as selected)

      For full ingredients for each juice, please see the individual products here.

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