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Where can I get delivery? 

  • We currently deliver daily in Downtown Toronto, Brampton, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Oakville, Milton, Burlington, and the Greater Hamilton area.

  • Deliveries to Guelph, Kitchener, and Waterloo are available on Sundays and Thursdays.

When do deliveries take place? Do I have to be there to accept it? 

Your delivery will arrive on the date of your choice, AFTER 4PM (possibly overnight, though we'll usually arrive before 11pm). We appreciate you leaving your porchlight on for us.

While we can't accommodate requests for specific timing within our delivery window, we also won't require you to be home or to wait up for your delivery. Our dedicated delivery team provide contactless deliveries - they won't ring the bell or knock, and you'll receive an SMS notification* once your package has been safely left at your door.

*We are required by law to provide the option to opt out of automatic SMS notifications. You'll receive a text message on the day of your delivery, explaining your right to opt out of receiving any further messages from us. Please DO NOT opt out if you want any indication of when your delivery has arrived. We will not send SMS advertising or text outside of the needs of your delivery.

Special Delivery Instructions

If your delivery requires special instructions, please write them into the "Order Notes" section at the bottom of the Shopping Cart.
If you need to inform us of additional details after your order has already been placed, please email info@farmerjacksmarket.com, or call 905-333-5225.

I live in a condo or apartment; how do deliveries work?

If your building has a concierge, our delivery team will leave it with them. Please be sure to check with your concierge if they'll accept perishable deliveries before placing your order.

If your building does not have a concierge, and access to your unit is restricted, please ensure that you are available to either meet the driver at the entrance, or that access can be granted by providing a buzzer code. We do not leave packages in public entrances unless expressly requested. While we make every effort to ensure a successful delivery, if delivery to you or your unit door is not possible with the information we are provided, and if our team has exhausted all available means of communication without success within 10 minutes of arrival, your order and delivery will be considered forfeited.

Why does my order checkout say I'm paying for 2 Deliveries?

If you're ordering a 7-day Cleanse (Complete Cleanse, Detox Cleanse, or Soup Cleanse), your order checkout will automatically show 2 Deliveries. In order to ensure you have fresh juices and soups to enjoy for the entire 7 days of your chosen Cleanse, we automatically split your order into two deliveries of 4- and 3-days each. You choose the date of the first delivery, and we'll schedule the second accordingly.

If you're splitting the order with a friend or family member, or you simply prefer to receive it all at once, please place your order as it is with 2 Deliveries first, then reply to the order confirmation email to request the change to your delivery schedule and refund of one Delivery.

Do you take the bottles back?

Thank you for helping us do our part to reduce waste! Please leave your rinsed and empty bottles (just the glass; please recycle the lids) in a closed box outside where our driver will see them on the day of your next delivery.
Alternatively, you can also bring them by the store between 10am-5pm every day. Thanks so much!


Why should I buy Farmer Jack's Cold-Pressed Juices?

Our juices are all cold-pressed, without any form of pasteurization. The cold-pressed method uses hydraulic pressure to extract liquid from plants without breaking down nutrients or enzymes. Many home and commercial juicers use a centrifugal Juicer, which although many times faster, relies on a spinning blade which both heats and oxidizes nutrients, minerals, and enzymes. In short, Cold-Pressed juices are the most nutrient-dense juices, packed with vitamins, minerals, and natural enzymes.

How long do the juices last?

Our juices are intended to be kept refrigerated and consumed within the 4-5 days following delivery (for this reason, 7-day Cleanses are split into two separate deliveries; the second one halfway through your week), and are not guaranteed for freshness past their intended use. If you find yourself unable to complete all intended juices each day, we recommend freezing all missed juices immediately, so they can be saved for future enjoyment. Before freezing, please transfer the contents out of the glass bottles and into freezer-safe food storage bags or containers.

Do I need to mix the juices with anything or dilute with water?

Our cold-pressed juices are best on their own. Open and enjoy.

I've heard juice has a lot sugar - isn't that bad for you?

Processed and pasteurized juices give fruit juices a bad rap. They contain little to none of the nutrients of the fruits and vegetables in them, but all of the sugar. That is definitely bad, yes. That is not the case with our cold-pressed juices. The naturally occurring sugars in the juices coaxed from our hydraulic presses contain all the live enzymes, vitamins, and trace minerals that you would get as if actually consuming the fruits and vegetables. The juices are designed to be 250ml in order to contain more than ample nutrition, with as little sugar as possible. To put things into perspective, drinking our juice that contains the most amount of fruit — the Antioxidant Blast — is the equivalent of having 4-5 raspberries, 1/4 of a grapefruit, 1/3 of an apple, and 1/3 of an orange. And that is definitely not too much sugar for you.

Are all your juices organic? 

We use a mix of organic, hydroponic, and local ingredients in our juices. Local ingredients are much more nutrient dense than imported organic ingredients, as the produce is picked only after the nutrients have had ample time to ripen and mature. Imported ingredients are picked before maturity to allow for transit time, and this causes the produce to have less nutrients.

How many calories are in your juices?

Our juices contain roughly 60-70 calories each.

Can I drink water while on my Cleanse? What about coffee or tea? 

We recommend that you have plenty of water while on the cleanse. For best results, have a glass of water (or Celery Juice!) first thing when you wake up, and have a few glasses throughout the day in addition to your juices.
Caffeine tends to inhibit our bodies from absorbing nutrients efficiently, so we recommend avoiding coffee and tea (unless you're drinking decaf) for the duration of your Cleanse, so you get the full nutritional value of your investment! Our juices provide powerful natural energy boosters, so you'll be feeling great all day, even without the caffeine. However, if you truly need that caffeine fix, we suggest keeping your intake to not less than 3hrs apart from your juices.

Can I work out while on my Cleanse?    

Yes, working out is fine, and even recommended! If you require additional calories to get through your workout, our Black Lemonade Add-on is perfect for both hydration and extra energy.

Will I lose muscle mass while cleansing?

Significant muscle atrophy only occurs when you couple a deficit in protein for an extended amount of time with inactivity and lack of exercise. A 7-day cleanse will not cause a significant amount of muscle atrophy. Athletes or individuals undergoing an intense physical training regime can introduce a second meal of proteins and healthy fats if necessary.

Is there enough nutrition for those with a higher body mass?

While those with a higher body mass will experience a higher daily caloric deficit, they will still have ample nutrition. High performance athletes or those with specific and strict dietary needs will have to consult with their nutritionist or physician first.

Is it sustainable to just keep juicing?

Juicing does not have to be a meal replacement, nor do we recommend it to be. It is meant to be integrated into your lifestyle, as a supplement to a healthy and balanced diet revolving around unprocessed whole foods. It is a quick and efficient way for your body to consume a large amount of nutrients from fruits and vegetables.

Is this just a health fad?

This isn’t a fad. Juicing is a vehicle for your body to obtain nutrition from fruits and vegetables in a quick and efficient manner. If you already eat ‘clean,’ juicing will supplement your diet to ensure you cover all your plant-based nutritional needs. We take out the guesswork and the time involved in making sure you have all the vitamins, minerals, and enzymes your body needs.

I'm not used to paying so much for fruit juice. Is it worth it?

We don't compare our juices to the ones you typically find on the grocery-store shelves or in your kids' lunchboxes. Each Farmer Jack's Cold-Pressed Juice is a mix of 6 or more fruits and vegetables, designed to work together to maintain specific health benefits. We use a combination of organic, hydroponic, and local produce to ensure maximum cleanliness and nutrient density. We also use glass bottles, and we never add water to boost volume or artificially extend our shelf life through pasteurization or chemicals. Our goal is to make healthy choices affordable for all. As a quick and ‘fast consumable,’ we find ourselves much better priced than most of the ‘fast foods’ you will find on the market today. And the health benefits and nutrition levels don’t come close.

Are these juices a quick fix for health?

This is not a quick fix for anything. Juicing is an efficient way to consume a large amount of plant-based nutrition, with optimal absorption by your body. We promote healthy lifestyle changes, not quick fixes.

What if I revert to my old ways after?

As a worse-case scenario, you revert to your old eating habits. Your body will still have had a reprieve granted by the juice cleanse. You will still have reset your digestive tract to be more efficient, topped your body off with nutrients, and increased your energy levels and metabolism. Fixing up your house before a storm still has its benefits.


Do I need to supplement my Soup Cleanse with other foods or a Juice Cleanse? 

With five 375ml jars of hearty soups per day, the Soup Cleanse is designed to give you all the balanced nutrients and calories you need for each of seven days. Just drink plenty of water throughout your plan, and space out your soups across your active hours.

Some customers do choose to supplement their Soup Cleanse with our Cold-Pressed Juices, to feel even more well-rounded for their daily nutrient intake (and they taste better than plain water!). We often recommend adding 1-3 juices each day by selecting our 7-day Black Lemonade and Celery Juice add-ons, or adding the Detox Cleanse to their Soup Cleanse order.

What if I have allergies to certain ingredients? Can I request customizations?

We're happy to customize your Soup Cleanse at no additional charge, by removing any daily soup that includes ingredients you can't have, and replacing it with another (from the menu) that you can. When you add the Soup Cleanse to your shopping cart, you'll be able to add a note for our packing team in the Order Notes box. Just let us know which soup you cannot have, and we'll substitute it with a suitable replacement.

Unfortunately, we are unable to customize recipes, as the soups are made in batches, not per individual order.

How many calories am I getting from the Soup Cleanse for each day?

There are roughly 300-350 calories per 375ml jar of soup. With 5 jars each day, you should expect to consume a total of 1500-1750 calories each day of the Soup Cleanse (not incuding any other juices or snacks you may have).

Can I stretch out my Soup Cleanse to last longer than 7 days?

Our fresh soups are intended to be kept refrigerated and consumed within the 4-5 days following delivery (the 7 days of your Cleanse are split into two separate deliveries; the second one halfway through your week), and are not guaranteed for freshness past their intended use. If you find yourself unable to complete all 5 soups each day, we recommend freezing all unused portions immediately, so they can be saved for future enjoyment. Before freezing, please transfer the contents of the glass jar to a freezer-safe food storage bag or container.