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Gourmet Spice Blends & Dip Mix

Gourmet Spice Blends & Dip Mix

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Weekend At The Cottage's full line of dry spice blends for all your proteins, veggie seasoning, and even a to-die-for dip mix. Try them all!

Made with natural ingredients in Ontario, Canada. No preservatives, colours, or additives. 60-80g of Amazing in each resealable pouch.

BUTCHERS BLEND INGREDIENTS: sea salt, minced garlic, raw brown sugar, minced onion, smoked paprika, coriander, black pepper, red bell pepper, allspice, cumin, citric acid, orange peel, cinnamon, parsley flakes, red chili, chive flakes, cilantro, oregano, sage, natural orange flavour. 80g

POULTRY & PORK RUB INGREDIENTS: Himalayan pink salt, tomato, paprika, raw brown sugar, garlic onion, black pepper, mustard, cumin, cayenne pepper, cinnamon. 80g

TEX-MEX SPICE MIX INGREDIENTS: onion, Mexican chili, canola oil, sea salt, garlic, red pepper, cumin, oregano. 80g

POTATO & VEGGIE SEASONING INGREDIENTS: paprika, garlic, sea salt, onion, tomato powder, natural flavour, oregano, cayenne pepper. 80g

GARLICKY SUN-DRIED TOMATO DIP INGREDIENTS: roasted garlic, sun-dried tomato, paprika, garlic, tomato, sea salt, onion, red bell pepper. 60g

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