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Chicken Bone Broth Add-on

Chicken Bone Broth Add-on

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Start your day strong with a 250ml (1 cup) serving for every day of your Juice Cleanse! It will keep you feeling fuller, longer, and supplements your cleanse with easily absorbed nutrients.

Made locally, from chickens raised without antibiotics, and simple but flavourful ingredients. No salt added, and still savoury and aromatic. Small-batch made with care, and frozen for your convenience. Comes in easy-pour resealable pouches. 

Some benefits of Farmer Jack's Bone Broths:

  • Rich in collagen, a structural protein for healthy skin, cartilage and bone; helps prevent signs of aging
  • Source of natural gelatine; aids digestion and gut health
  • Zero Trans Fats, Zero Cholesterol, Low sodium (no salt added)
  • Supports strong immune function, joint health, and better sleep!

Heat and enjoy a delicious cup each day, or enrich your meals by adding it to sauces, stir-fry, and soups.